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Harmony House

Supervised Visitation & Safe Exchange Program

Harmony House provides supervised visitation and safe custody exchange services that allow children to have access to their non-residential parents in a child-centered environment that emphasizes safety for everyone.

Parents are typically referred to the center via a court order, parenting agreement or Department of Social Services safety plan, but may also choose to self-refer with an agreement with Harmony House. Services are for any families in need of supervised visitation or safe custody exchange services.

Harmony House services are provided at a nominal fee for non-custodial/non-primary residential parties, unless otherwise ordered by the court or per written agreement between the parties. Additional fees may apply to all parties.

How to Get Started:

Parents must contact Harmony House to initiate services with individually scheduled intake appointments. To make an appointment, call 336-801-1152.


  • Intake Appointments—$50
  • Case Reports—$40
  • Supervised Visitations—$100 per visitation hour
  • Safe Custody Exchanges—$55 per exchange
  • Child Orientations—No Fee
  • Cancellation Fee—Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a cancellation fee equal to the visitation/exchange fee
  • Testimony/Court Presence Fee—$50 deposit and $50 per hour including waiting time
  • Additional Participants—$10 per adult over the age of 18
  • Fees for direct services are due in advance
  • Those who meet income requirements may apply for a reduction in fees
  • Parties eligible for fee reductions may be limited in the number of direct services received per week and may also be limited in the number of consecutive months for which services can be provide
  • Additional fees may apply