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My wedding was what every young girl dreams of”, Allene recalls. “It was a beautiful church ceremony overflowing with people who loved and supported me.” But almost immediately following that magical day, her dreams were shattered. Her husband’s abuse started with slapping, but then led to more violent acts of shoving, hitting and kicking before […]

Domestic Violence

Angel* was a young mother involved in an abusive relationship, when she became pregnant a second time. “At that time my chances of being successful in life, I was told, were going to drop drastically,” she remembers. “I was told this by family members. My dad told me I had to leave his house because […]

Preventing Foreclosure

Looking back on his experience as he fought to prevent his home from foreclosure, Eric* says he relied on the “three P’s: perseverance, patience and persistence.” His determination paid off in the end and with the help of Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) from Family Service of the Piedmont, Eric was able to keep his […]

Mental Health

“I don’t ever remember being happy.  I was always down,” says Samantha* as she recalls her struggle with depression, beginning in her young teenage years.  “I was hospitalized multiple times for attempted suicides and spent years struggling to just get out of bed and live.”  Samantha had exhausted countless attempts at finding the combination of […]

Identity Theft

Gloria* came to Family Service of the Piedmont’s Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) for First-time Homebuyer Counseling. It wasn’t until CCCS began looking into her finances that it was discovered Gloria had had her identity stolen. An identity thief had taken out a number of loans and credit cards in her name as well as […]

Mortgage and Debt Help

There are tears in her eyes as Melissa* talks about her experience with Family Service of the Piedmont. These are not tears of sadness, but tears of joy for how far she has come in the past few years. Melissa has had her share of life’s struggles. She has lived with a hearing impairment her […]

Domestic Violence

Maria* grew up in a family where love and affection were hard to come by. Her first experience with domestic violence occurred in her late teens. Her boyfriend at the time provided the love that she so desperately needed. But the honeymoon phase was short lived, and it wasn’t long before Maria’s intuitions told her […]

Overcoming Abuse

Not long ago, Kate* was a prisoner of an abusive marriage built on fear. A victim of childhood abuse for much of her youth, Kate suffered into adulthood in relationships filled with cruelty and violence. At Family Service of the Piedmont, Kate found the support she needed to escape and begin a new life. Kate […]

Child Abuse

Terrified to share what was going on behind closed doors, 11-year-old Brady*, 9-year-old Cassie*, and 8-year-old Kylee* kept a vile secret until one day Brady broke down and told a trusted teacher what was happening to him and his sisters at home. Their father was guilty of doing horrendous things in front of and to […]

Substance Abuse

“This program is great for those who are serious about getting clean and want to make changes.” Brett* never imagined being an athlete would lead to drug addiction. “Growing up, I never touched drugs,” he says. But over the years, Brett suffered a series of sports injuries which landed him in the hospital and required […]